Overeater’s Anonymous

Hi Brooke,
I recently completed the Overeater’s course and set a protocol. Mine is similar to yours in that I’ve eliminated sugar/flour and eat between 12-8pm. I’ve lasted a max of two days consistently – and most days start out strong, eat healthfully for my first meal – and then give in to an urge at some point in the afternoon and declare “I’ll start tomorrow.” It’s maddening- as I’ve been doing this for the last two weeks since starting your course.

My question – what are your thoughts on Overeater’s Anonymous? There is a group with meetings in my neighborhood and my schedule is flexible. I like their (and your) “cold turkey” recommendation – which I’m confident is what I need, given my addiction to sugar/white processed carbs. I feel I might be helped by the in-person accountability as I get started – and the push to discern my “why”

Do you have thoughts on OA? or doing it as a companion to one’s protocol?

Thanks so much,