Overeating and deprivation

Hi Brooke,
I’ve spent the past few weeks rebelling against my protocol, as is usually the case when I am trying to lose weight. I posted about self-sabotage the other day. I’ve now come up with deprivation as one of the main feelings that drives this action. It surprised me, because I kept thinking it “should” or would have been some other feeling that I have been trying not to feel. But when it really comes down to that moment before overeating, my overwhelming feeling is deprivation or even entitlement. My thoughts are things like ok just one more time, I really want to eat that and want to eat it now, I deserve it, etc. This manifests in my life in other ways – impulse shopping being a big one. The new intentional thought would be “there is plenty, this food is available to me any time,” etc and I intellectually know that but somehow that doesn’t matter. Can you please help me work through this scarcity/deprivation mentality? Other than being an only child and maybe getting what I wanted a lot of the time, I have no logical reason to feel this way. As a child and as an adult I’ve always lived comfortably without lacking any necessities, money, food, etc. Thank you!