Overeating leftover food

I wanted to ask if you had any thoughts on how I can improve on the two intentional thought models below, if I could clarify things in any way.

Unintentional Thought Pattern:
C: There is extra uneaten food in the home or office that will likely be thrown away if not eaten
T: By throwing away food, we are wasting money and wasting food/I don’t want to waste food.
F: Guilt, ungrateful
A: I eat the leftover food
R: I have trouble losing weight/eating healthily according to protocol

Intentional thought pattern:
C: Same as above
T: I am learning to simplify my food and understand our (family’s) changing tastes and dietary needs
F: acceptance, neutral, not guilty
A: I can leave or throw away the uneaten food
R: Not overeating/getting off the protocol

Similar circumstance with intentional thought pattern:
C: Mom brought more prepared food than we could eat when she came to visit
T: Mom made more food than we can eat and that’s okay.
F: Neutral
A: I can eat as much of the food as I plan to eat, and leave the rest.
R: Not overeating.

Is choosing to feel neutral about this circumstance the best approach, or could another feeling be more useful?

Thank you!