Overeating (oatmilk)

Last night I’ve taken två extra glasses of oat milk 🙊after my protocol-food was already on board. I am not specifically trying to lose weight, I am at a healthy weight, but for me (struggling with that all my life until now), the weight is a great monitor and reflection of my brain chatter.
So today at homework I was trying to find the right models for that.
Are those correct?
C: eating out of protocol
T: It’s just some fluids, and you are dehydrated/your deserve it
F: Desire for the oatmilk
A: Drinking it plus eating some peanuts
R: More overeating

C: Eating out of the protocol
T: It’s so fascinating how my mind constantly provides me with food as the answer for everything
F: Curious (to find the thought behind it—> which was: you deserve it)
A: Sitting and not picking up the glass of milk
R: Be at peace with my mind

Thanx a bunch! Love you all to the 🌛 and back 🌎!