Overspending money models

How do these look? Am I missing anything?

C: “Cancel Adobe” on calendar; Adobe subscription not in spending protocol
T: I can wait
F: apathetic
A: don’t cancel it
R: spent $56.17 unplanned (auto charged)

C: snack costs $1.60; not in spending protocol
T: I have money
F: justified
A: buy the snack
R: spent $1.60 unplanned

C: $16.75 bill at restaurant; X said “let me get that”; not in spending protocol
T: X has been paying for me a lot lately
F: guilty
A: pay the bill
R: spent $16.75 unplanned

C: Minnetonka moccasins cost 49.95; 20% employee discount; $70 gift card in wallet; not in spending protocol
T: I’ve wanted them for a long time
F: justified
A: buy them. Tell myself it’s practically planning ahead because I’ve wanted them for so long
R: spent $39.96 unplanned

C: YNAB says “4 overspent categories”
T: I don’t have enough money
F: scarcity
A: when I get money, spend “while I have it”
R: less money