Overwhelm by own self

So I realize that I’m causing my own stress and confusion.

I indulge in confusion so much.

I’m working on starting my business and I had my funnel all laid out.

Lead Magnet -> Kick your cravings to the curb and feel fuller for longer in just for simple step

Tripwire-> low cost ($19) mini clarity call where they fill out a questionnaire, I look at where they are struggling and we discuss those things along with possible steps to take

Core offer -> 12 week program 1 on 1 program.

I decided to do more research (what I do when I want to avoid moving forward) and now feel so conflicted with the trip wire and lead magnet.

I keep reading different opinions about whether a phone call is a proper tripwire (must have great selling skills).

I feel like my lead magnet isn’t great anymore.

It’s like I had amazing clarity then doubt came in and I’m behind 3 days on all that I put on my planner.

I don’t realize I do this until my head starts feeling pressure and I begin to feel helpless, like right now.

I know I’m not helpless. I can just do it this way and change things based on results.

But I find myself looking for someone to hold my hand and tell me whether there’s something I should do instead or just do ahead and do it as is.

I am most likely trying to learn too much from too many sources before giving one a shot.

I probably should’ve just stuck to this comment section and got feedback here.

One thing I know for a fact, This is complete fear of putting myself out there.