Overwhelmed !

I’ve signed up for coaching certification AND I’ve also started a direct sales business in addition to my main business as a successful insurance agency owner. I don’t know where to start but want to cry! I’m newly married and probably rushed into it after a 22 year marriage and ever since it’s been in a whirlwind ever since trying to find out what’s driving me to do all these extra things. I thought I wanted to be a life coach but am questioning that. It’s more work than I really care to do and the same goes for my direct sales. Yet if I quit these things I fear the gaping hole will be open again. The gaping hole feels like a void somewhere in my life that needs filling. I worry about future retirement money as I am behind in saving. I did the direct sales to meet friends And do something fun ( but it’s more work) but it’s all virtual friendships and no real money so I can let that go.