Two Questions About Models

Going into 2020, I was very intentional with 3 specific results. I am living the results and noticing how anxious I have been feeling lately. Perhaps my discomfort right now is because the results I wanted to create, I have and my brain is having trouble having it, without wanting to question it, skip to the next level, look for what is next? Maybe this is all very normal and how the brain works? Perhaps if I understand what is happening, the feeling itself shifts from anxiety to calm because I get what is happening – or at least I am seeing it from another perspective. Is the practice itself as simple as being where you are and still want to make progress, but from a place of ease vs. feeling hurried?

How can you tell (or how can I tell) myself that I am ready for a new model and it’s not because I am trying to escape, avoid, distract from the current model? Just because I want to? I feel like many of my decisions have been centered on choosing something because I thought I needed it for something (and of course wanted to feel a certain feeling as well) but choosing from want vs. need is a very different energy. If I write down my intentional result , is the first step just getting super clear in the vision and choosing it because I want to – not because I think if I do it, it will give me a certain result? I hope that makes sense!

Thank you!