Parent of a Teenager with lots of anxiety

I would like to get some advice on how to help my daughter conquer or at least tackle anxiety and what people have called as being “shy”.

I am learning these techniques myself and share a little here and a little there in our discussions daily. She knows I have joined a coaching class this month and am working on losing 8 pounds. I shared things with her about the urge jar etc. (she has said that won’t work for her) and I have talked to her about paying attention to her thoughts and to be aware of them but she is as you would guess kind of half listening. She is not convinced at all that she can control her thinking in any way.

My strategy is to slowly introduce these concepts during our conversations. We do have a great relationship and I am glad about that. I am convinced that these techniques will work for me and am super excited. I guess my question is do you have coaches that have specialized in this niche of encouraging parents to help their teens to do the thought work. Maybe someone who has podcasts that I can learn about their approach to see if that could work for us?

I would love to get better at this because I see so many teen girls (and boys) just struggle really badly with emotions and parents have very little answers as to how to handle it. Mostly my daughter struggles with anxiety and sometimes depression. She would love to talk more but is just terrified everyone is judging her. I still remember going through this when I was a teen and would so love to be able to give her these tools to help her manage this like a boss lol. Thanks!