Parents Visiting

Hi! Today my parents arrive for a one month visit. It will be “just a month” because my husband and I had to place that boundary since before they would come with a one way ticket and would stay for 8-10 weeks or more. What’s worse, we don’t really like for them to visit. Not even my kids enjoy them that much. I DO want to love and enjoy them. I want to feel compassion for them and I want to deal with all of this annoyance I find myself to always have for them. Today I did my tdl on this and I don’t even know where to start with my model (first month of SCS here!). For the C I wrote “my parents are visiting for one month. For the T – “I don’t like my parents”, for the F- annoyed, A- withdraw, R- don’t engage with them. For the intentional model idk if the T should be “I don’t like my parents and that’s ok (LOL), or “my parents mean well no matter what their actions are” or what….idk…I need that first handle of the monkey bar to start moving myself towards loving them. Will appreciate the help!! Thank you!