Clutter – Ongoing – Urge Jar

I asked the question during coaching about having three Urge Jars. I understand that were to focus on one thing at a time. Yet for me, clutter is a constant. Not in the ways some people deal with clutter, like dishes not washed etc.,; yet, paper clutter. Although I am better since joining SCS, October will be a forever for me regarding paperwork until I find the right fit or answer for my needs. Which, by the way, I think is a part-time assistant.

So, the question is: an Urge for clutter is that I just don’t want to deal with the paper although I love to write everything down. I will buffer with time management to-do’s then realize I am supposed to be getting my to-do list off paper and just honor myself. I guess, if I have just answered my own question: My Urge Jar should be for any form of buffering when I don’t want to complete paperwork? That seems to be the first issue that would help all other issues I will want to continue to work on??