I just joined this month and started by focusing on weight loss and the urge jar. So far it is working but I feel like I am out of sync with the program as a whole. Although I am writing my food down, using the urge jar, etc. I am not sure if the workbook under assets is germane to the urge jar focus. Aside from writing down my food, tracking my weight and allowing urges I don’t feel like I am taking part in any daily/weekly assignment. I am quite thrilled with the way that I have outwitted my lizard brain- for once it is not running the show. I am just wondering if I should be doing the workbook daily- it looked like it wasn’t wholly related to the urge jar segment. I can’t do most of the live calls because of my work schedule but as I’m a teacher and will be off soon I will try them. I have done 2 individual coaching calls which were great and I asked for help with the model. But I feel a bit out of sync- like I could be taking better advantage of scholars. Will that happen more if I make my focus sync with the monthly focus? Since I buffer with food I wanted to start with the weight focus.