Partner Pays Bills and Mortgage

Hi Brooke!
I am really working hard on my money mindset through the Money Course and wanting to create an intentional model that feels good to me that I can believe. I am currently working on building my business and do not make a lot of money. My partner does. He pays the bills and mortgage on our house and really does not seem to mind. I; however, am feeling guily about this and I don’t like it.

My UM is

C – Partner pays bills and mortgage
T- I feel inadequate that I cannot contribute to our home and bills at this time
F – guilt
A- beat myself up
R- feel inadequte.

My IM is
C- same
T – My partner loves me and has the money to pay the bills
F- loved
A- act appreciative and loving towards him
R- love my partner.

My issue is that I don’t think I quite believe my intentional model yet. Needing some guidance.

Thanks so much!!