Pattern of starting and stopping

Hi Brooke,
[I signed up to be coached today, but my name isn’t Jen (lol!) so I thought I’d post here to see if I could gain some direction. If my question is too convoluted for a post here, and would be better for live coaching, please let me know and I’ll request again for next week. ]
So here is it:
My past is littered with examples of me starting and stopping things in my life (weight loss, reducing drinking, effort in my business, changes for my family, etc.) and I am struggling with breaking out of this cycle so I can actually grow and evolve rather than gaining some momentum and then stopping, and then mustering up the energy to start again, getting going, and JUST when I start seeing success, I run back to my comfort zone and stop the action.
I feel like I have two competing voices in my head that keep me trapped in this cycle. I am SUPER good at starting things to help me progress (new jobs, books, therapy, coaching, etc.) but then after the newness wears off, I slide right back into inaction and I’m off looking for a new answer. The competing thoughts that I have are:
thought 1: “I’m not good enough. Why even keeping trying to change.” I actually have a lot of success with changing this thought into: “I have what it takes to be successful. I am deserving of success, etc.” which gets me into action.
But then thought #2 shows up which is: “Who do I think I am being all big and finding success” and that shuts me down and loops me back into my cycle of buffering and inaction. Then I start the process all over again. It’s exhausting.
Where I find this creeping in the most is in my businesses. I am self employed in two professions (real estate & network marketing) that both have the ability for me to make a TON of money to support my family and build my dreams, but I find myself buffering the day away with these competing thoughts and not getting the work done that I’ve committed to. Now my family is in debt and struggling because of my inaction. I am SO frustrated with myself for this starting and stopping, and for creating financial pain for my family, when I know I have the tools and abilities to be wildly successful in both professions.
I know this is a mindset problem, not a business problem.
Can you help??
Fed Up 🙂