Payment of Debt

I have 27k in debt. I get this is neutral. We have the cash to pay for it, I just prefer a higher savings account.

My problem isn’t the debt, it’s the amount of time I allow myself to indulge in thinking about the debt and how to pay it (pay it in full now, or creating different budgets and pay it over time). When I’m sitting to make a plan I typically make a plan but later in the day the debt thoughts come up and go back to thinking about it.

How do I handle a situation that I keep indulging in?

I feel like if I just made a decision that would offer so much space for me to think about different things – my family, business, personal desires etc.

C Decision on how to pay off debt
T I’m not sure which to choose
F Uncertain
A Sit with my journal and look at bank accounts, future incoming payments/expenses. Create scenarios savings/payments. Never really make a decision. Don’t – decide and move on, don’t play with my kids, enjoy my home, think about my day or our business or other things I’d prefer to spend my time on.
R I create an experience of not knowing which decision to choose?


C Decision to pay off debt
T this is what we are going to do _____.
F certain
A Make the decision and move on. Schedule a time to revisit this payment plan quarterly and see if I like the result. Move on to thinking about business, family, house renovations, health plan etc. if the thoughts come up about the debt respond with “thank you but this is what we are going to do.”
R create an experience where I know what to do.