Pen To Paper (minimum baseline) 2.0

The awareness that my thoughts create my feelings and drive my actions is not new to me. Nor is the understanding that there is nothing inherently “wrong” with discomfort or fear or any unpleasant emotion. What IS new, or at least what’s just beginning to dawn on me in a personal, non conceptual way, is that I have a helluva lot of agency with regards to how that cognitive-behavioral loop plays out. BUT – and this is a big but! I have a deep resistance to writing my thoughts and feelings down on paper – I’m impatient and I process information incredibly quickly (i.e I jump to conclusions) and the slowing down, deliberateness that writing requires is so off putting to my imagination that I watch myself continue to not do the very thing that will change everything – examine my bs with clear eyes. And yeah, there is a lot of fear in the resistance because I know clear seeing is a small step away from change and forward motion, so it’s so much easier for me to stay in the comfortable dissatisfaction of avoidance. But i want more for myself. How to I start? In my head I’ve conflated trying out the model on the tiniest thing in my life with MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION. (I know that’s bs….but I don’t *really* know). I want to find a way to coax myself into doing this work with genuine curiosity and consistency- but I need to lower the stakes. Suggestions?