People being wrong about me

Doing the week 4 work on confidence I was stuck on the question about people being wrong about me.

I see how this works in specific situations when I feel like what i said or meant or did was not properly understood, and I’m increasingly ok with letting it go and not trying to argue or justify (which I exhausted myself doing before).

But in general, the opinion that I feel people have of me feels fairly in line with what I think of myself, and is mostly positive.

I have identified ways that people are right about me and I want to change (like the idea that I play small, and don’t feel up for really big mind blowing business goals — working on it).

But that’s something they’re right about. I can’t think of something they are wrong about in general.

Can it be that there isn’t anything, or is there a way or a prompt to help me identify what that might be?

Thank you!