Thank You for Changing My Life :D

Hey Brooke! 2 quick things (which are really 2 big things, but quick)…

First — THANK YOU for the recommendation of “The Last Word on Power”. It. Is. Blowing. My Mind. Like massively! I HAD to share this with you – with SOMEONE who “gets it” – because just saying out loud “OMG This is Mind-Blowing” was starting to seem a bit much. My partner appreciates/supports my love of all things “personal growth” – but he can only take so much. 😉

I LOVE this book – and it feels like a “next step” after so much of what I’ve already learned. Really amazing concepts … so I can’t thank you enough for sharing!

Second – THANK YOU for Self Coaching Scholars!!!

I first found “self help” as a teen in the 1980’s – with Wayne Dyer books my Mom had around the house. I quickly found Tony Robbins from his first infomercials – and ultimately walked on fire and had my “Date with Destiny” and then worked on creating the world’s largest pile of personal development books and courses in my home.

I have to say – I’ve had more breakthroughs, ah-ha moments, and life transforming mindset shifts from the short 3 months I’ve been in Self Coaching Scholars than through YEARS of my dedicated study of self-help.

From quitting drinking to realizing that “love” isn’t out there, it’s an “inside job” – and more of a decision and choice and skill – than something you “earn” from others… I can’t tell you how much more at peace I feel about life in general. The circumstances continue – but the churning sea of turmoil my mind created around it has ceased to churn as wildly … and most days it’s a calm, flat sea. 🙂

Anyway – just wanted to give you mucho kudos for the great book recommendation PLUS the awesome work you do with Self Coaching Scholars!

I hope this finds you super-awesome (I’m sure it does!) – and wishing you much, MUCH more success!

Thanks again!

– SCS for Life 🙂