People Pleasing & Enjoying being yourself

In the Enjoying Being Yourself with Brooke in the study vault, she asks if you enjoy being with yourself. I answered Yes, and believe that to be the case, even as I listened to more. She goes on to ask if you answered yes, do you really or are you people pleasing and just enjoying the other people enjoying you. Everyone enjoys being enjoyed, knowing others like them. And, although I am a people pleaser, and very much enjoy other people, I do enjoy myself. I enjoy my own space and time, time alone on an island, at home…all with no negative self talk. My problem is when I am with others. That is when my negative self talk comes in. That is where I find myself judging and comparing myself to others, wondering what they truly think of me, if I’m measuring up. Then I keep replaying those thoughts later (with or without others around) and begin buffering (in the form of life coaching myself to death, over eating , watching tv, etc.) rather than figuring out what I want to do for a 2nd career, applying for jobs, getting unstuck. Where do I fit in the people pleasing, enjoying being with myself? Is there a particular study vault session / call that I should be listening to?