Personal Development as Buffering?

Brooke, I just love you. I’m so effing happy to be in Scholars.

I’ve been wanting to ask you — do you ever think personal development can be buffering?

I’ve quit buffering with food, I’ve paid off tons of debt, I’ve lost weight, and there are very few “mindless” activities I do.

But when I read personal development, or listen to your podcasts, or work on myself, I get that “warm fuzzy feeling” that I used to get from buffering. I just want to consume and consume and consume and I feel like I can’t stop. I binge-watch and binge-listen to your work. It’s amazing. And I get a ton of value out of it. And my life is so much better. But I DO turn to it when I’m in pain and want to avoid pain.

Is it ever buffering if you’re working on improving yourself? I hope that makes sense.

I appreciate you so much.