Perspective question-about others negative behavior

Lets say someone stole money from my business.

– that person took money from my business that does not belong to him.

That would be a circumstance, right?

C-person stole money from my business

How about if someone made a promise to me to do something for me, and they broke their promise.

C-person broke their promise to me


C- person lied to me


unhelpful thoughts could be

T- this person betrayed me
F- angry, hurt, humiliated
A- recoil, reduce self-care
R-betray myself

but helpful Thoughts then could be

T- others would say this person betrayed me but I choose to believe they have problems of their own that have nothing to do with me
A-decide what to do (if anything)
R-Moving on, unaffected by others negative behavior

would like your thoughts on this