Obstacles and Strategies

Dear Brooke,

As I continue to go back and work/rework my Impossible Goal material, I have a thought and a question:

1) I am so grateful we are repeating the topics next year because I see how even a week of work changes my view of the topic so a whole year of work will open all kinds of new doors, and

2) I don’t feel clear on turning obstacles into strategies into epic fails. Is it all just modeling the obstacle as a thought and the strategy is to think a new thought? And the epic fail is working on believing that new thought?

It’s clear with a tangible obstacle, like “I don’t have a career.” I went with a strategy of, “Pick one.” And a fail of, “Pick a career.”

But what about the obstacle of thinking I’m lazy? I know it’s whine-y and victim-ey and that’s part of why it’s an obstacle. So the strategy is to think a new thought like “I am productive.”? And the fail is working on believing that thought? Feels like a rabbit hole.

Thank you,