Picking a partner

Hi Brooke. I remember reading a similar question asked last month but cant find your response to it.
I know that when we are about to enter a relationship, the focus is (and for me right now) is to see how can I love that person. Does loving him make me happy? Yes, it does. I get that coming from that place is a abundance place and I genuinely enjoy the feeling I get. Gives me clarity. With the said tho,

A man from my past who I loved dearly but still had a lot of problems with has resurfaced. I think “ok, since my expectations are lower now and I just want to love him for him” this is worth a shot. But in that mindset, I could love a lot of things about a lot of people. I want to choose him because I simply choose him. However, I am trying to work through all of my anxiety about going with a man who I broke up with for a reason.

C – Him and I are talking again about a future
T – this could be an amazing lesson for me no matter what the outcome
F – happy
A – authentic moments
R – whatever is meant to be

Except, when I talk to him, I dont want to take massive action for others. I guess that is a thought-download I can do too. My thoughts on dating multiple guys at once. I wanted to just ask that if I can ideally love a lot of kinds of men, should I also have another avenue of “criteria” on WHICH man? especially when I am confusing myself?

Thank you!