Planning & Calendar

Hi Brooke,
I read one of the VIP Scholars comment that she watched you in action on how to schedule. Is this a behind-the-scenes video? When I heard your podcast about planning things ahead of time and how you plan your whole year in a way that includes your goals’ detailed to do lists and that they are all scheduled on your calendar, I was so inspired. But I kept wondering, how do you do that? Do you use a special app? Do you use your iPhone calendar? Do you include your meal planning and prep? I want to create the feeling that I have everything organized on my calendar, including the long term goals, but I am really struggling to plan things ahead of time, especially the whole year. I would appreciate it so much if you could share a little bit of the technicalities of how you organize all the aspects of your planning and scheduling on your calendar. I am a visual learner, so it would be so helpful if there was a behind-the-scenes video on this!