Planning vs. Speculating

Wanted to share something I just realized…

I’ve always thought of myself as being a great planner. I’ve often been praised by others for my planning skills – you’re so organized, you’re so good at thinking ahead, you know what to watch out for, etc.

But, I don’t think I’ve been planning all these years.

I’ve just been speculating.

Let me talk about the difference between planning and speculating…

Real planning is an action in its own right. You sit down with a pen and paper. You set a goal, just to have something to grow towards. And then you map out the steps that will take you to your goal. These steps are math, not drama.

Speculating, on the other hand, is a type of thinking. First, you decide how things “SHOULD” be, how you will know that things are “OK.” Then, you worry about everything that could get in the way of things being “OK.” Then you speculate about what you need to do to exert control over the universe and make sure none of those bad things happen. 🙂

Speculating is not an action, it’s a thought. Speculating is not math, it’s drama.

I want to be a planner instead of a speculator.

Being a planner means being OK with what is.

Being a planner means not needing to guarantee the future.

Being a planner means hanging in the balance of the present moment, delighting in your ability to play and dream and do math.

When you are planning, you are focused on the future, but you aren’t attached to it. This is what allows you to stay present.

And staying present allows you to take action and create… a plan.

– Zoe