Please help me clean up this model. I’m trying to improve my model skills.

C: 4-year-old home with me and I have a lot I want to do today.

Q1: I’m almost temped to say I have a lot I “need” to do today.. or even just saying “to do” with no descriptor. Should each of these sentences be a new C and run a new model on each? They each have a different feel to them (ie, NEEDING to do things I feel more validated doing them verses WANTING to do things I feel more indulgent and selfish).
T: She may not play on her own and want me to play and I don’t want to bc I have things to get done instead
F: fear (that she won’t entertain herself and that she’ll want me/my attention) leading to me feeling guilt that I’m choosing other things over here. So I’m feeling anxious/fear that I’ll feel the guilt
A: I get defensive and mad when she wants to do things with me.
R: She still seeks connection bc she’s not getting it and I feel like a shit mom.
Q2: I feel like each line of my model has too much going on….should my model be more simple?
Q3: Do I have multiple models going on in this one example? If so, can you please clarify where each new model would be?

After working through lots of this I created a new model by starting with my intended R line:
R: playtime and connection with 4 yo.
Needed A: create play strews for her and find an activity I can do with her and enjoy without feeling resentful
Resultant F: Proud that I’m making effort and being intentional about choosing connection
Needed T: I can be with her some today AND do all my stuff
C: same as above:: 4 year old home with me and I have a lot I want to do today.
Q4: Is this the proper way to create a NEW/INTENTIONAL model?

Thank you so much for your time! Looking forward to seeing your insights.