Please help me with thoughts and decision where to move

Hi Brooke
I need your very intelligent and experienced mind to help me with an inner conflict around my move.
I am planning on moving to Vegas and I want to love this decision.

I am in a position where I can move to anywhere in Canada or the US, by myself.
I am in the position to start a new career(don’t know what-possibly non profit)
I require intellectual stimulation
I am about to turn 60
I have no partner at this point in time
I am financially independent
I have an active dog that I love to take hikes with in the woods

My big goal is to become my best self no matter what and to contribute.
Physically and mentally fit.
Someone who embraces many different kinds of people and circumstances.
I want to learn to be around people and give what I can
I think no matter what I am leaving my science profession after selling my company, altho I may be able to consult, dunno

so, here is my thought problem
this is a lot like choosing to love the one you are with

I have looked all over and thought a lot about this
I’d like to earn money in some way, whatever I do
-I can move to a city like Austin, where it is green, beautiful, f-ing beautiful homes are affordable, but I know no one. Austin has UofTexas which no doubt has lots of intellectual stuff happening and Austin is a high tech town. Music scene

-I could go crazy and move to Hawaii 🙂 or some other exotic location

-I can move to Las Vegas, where my sister and brother in law live.
They are very supportive of the move and I am pretty sure we both benefit from having more family around. My sister and I are quite close but very different. CTFAR works its magic

Parts of Vegas are quite lovely, homes are a little less affordable, and there is lots of rock. There are trails 10-15 min nearby in the Red Rock Conservation Area where the rocks are stunning, but they are not green and wet. They are red and hard. There is Mt Charleston, a 50 min drive, that has the forest vibe, I can do that several times a month.
Vegas has a university but nothing like UofTexas.
Vegas can use my background to help kids in schools. They have a very high drop out rate and very poor schools. This was my thinking-learn about non profits and help kids stay in school or get back into school. Possibly also teach some science classes in an innovative charter school for low income families
Vegas has a larger population of older single people
Vegas has a reputation for being friendly, almost everyone is from somewhere else
The move to Vegas will be more about me getting out with people and doing things
I will still be able to do lots with mindfulness (get training) and CTFAR
Vegas is really easy to get around, a small big city

All of this is fantasy in my head

I feel I will be lonely in a random new town and it will take me a while to get up to speed on a lot of things- and its just me, no partner-
I want to move to Vegas because it is a practical decision. It is only a big compromise in terms of the lack of greenery, lack of homes in a countryside of rolling greenery, and a medium compromise in that its not very tecchie/intellectual (but there are lots of on-line workarounds for that)

I’d be able to hit the ground running in many ways, and have friendship and support of my sister etc. for getting a really nice home together, getting into the non profit world, etc. She is a golden resource. And I can support her with her new business. And we love each other

However I hate the fact that I will not have woods nearby to walk the dog. I may or may not miss the intellectualism.

C-Choosing a city to move to
T- I am going to love whatever choice I make
A-make a decision
R-love my decision

C-choosing to move to Vegas
T-This is going to be excellent, how cool to move to Vegas, living in a great home in Vegas, contributing to Vegas, supporting my sister and my sister supporting me
A-get my ducks in line for the move
R-create an excellent lifestyle in Vegas

C-walking the dog in Vegas
T-I will miss the forest trails
A-feel sad
R-feel sad missing the trails

C-walking the dog in Vegas
T-I will miss the wooded trails and the ponds and rivers, and that’s OK, we can get that in Mt Charleston several times a month
I really hate that there are no forests in Vegas

Can you help me finish this up?

Here is my more true current thought
C-moving to Vegas
T- i am going to hate it there, am I crazy for doing this
F-ultra high anxiety
A-spiral around
R-hating how I feel and making no decision

Many thanks