Polarity in Relationships

Absolutely loving seeing Brooke’s new boyfriend. His energy is amazing. Thank you for bringing him on! Love the relationship series.

From the class I realized that my boyfriend and I have two different modes. Mode 1 is parenting my three year old daughter. A lot of our focus is on my daughter and her needs as well as our own work. We work from home and both run our own companies. Mode 2 is when my daughter is at her dads house. During this time all of the polarity with my boyfriend comes back and we’re magnetic again.

I’d like to bring that polarity into my relationship during the week when my daughter is here. From what Brooke and her boyfriend said, it sounds like it’s common to function in one mode or the other. I think it could be possible to have both modes going at the same time, but maybe not have the polarity be as turned up when my daughter is here. I think we have a great relationship and I’d like to feel even more connected with him during the week. Do you have suggestions? Thank you!