Possible Intentional Model about thoughts and my brain

I just posted regarding models I wanted help with to have an A/R of less thinking and not being stuck in my head. Somehow typing them out here and not just in my own journal opened me up to other possibilities? Perhaps because I was thinking “what might Brooke say to this?” 🙂

I think I like this:
C-Thoughts pop into my head
T-All thoughts are welcome here, I’ll know what to do with them
A-confidently coach self and coach others on thoughts
R-welcome all the thoughts and know what to do with them

I’ve been living like I’m a victim of a C, my brain. I’ve stopped living as a victim to external circumstances (people, jobs, etc) with your work/tools/teachings, but have been stuck feeling victim to my own brain. I am tearing up typing this. I’ve hated my brain and how I’ve perceived it to hold me back in life and cause problems for me…I don’t want to believe that anymore. Thank you!