Power thoughts

Hi Brooke!
I’d like to thank the scholar who mentioned the Creative Visualization book and the idea of using different pronouns with our power thoughts. I’ve got another buffet tonight (circumstance, neutral) so I’m a bit nervous (feeling) because in the past, I’ve found them difficult (thoughts and actions). So I’ve decided to think “I can have anything I want tomorrow” so that if something looks appealing, I can allow myself to have it in 24 hours. This is already relief.
But adding other “people”, other voices in my head is definitely magic: “I can have anything I want tomorrow. You can have anything you want tomorrow. Nadège can have anything she wants tomorrow.” It’s as if all those people in my head (and they often sound like my mum – interesting…) agreed that yes, indeed, there’s no trouble at all. Very convincing. So liberating!
The third person especially reminds me of Dr Harvey Karp’s idea (probably from the Happiest Toddler) of positive gossiping – since we tend to believe more what is said about us than what is said to us, he was advising parents to gossip positively about their children’s acts “behind their backs” in a way the kids were able to hear: “Look how well she’s tidied her room! Now it’s spick and span!”
Have a great day!
Nan (or, since I want to be authentic, my full name: Nadège)