Practicing an intentional thought

Hi amazing coaches,

I’m currently practicing how to take responsibility for my own feelings rather than believing that words and actions of others cause them. Here’s today’s example:

C what mother wrote
T she tries to put pressure on me and manipulate me
F outraged
A be angry, dramatize her words, disregard her
R no trust in her whatsoever, be narrow-minded
(which proves that I only see that she tries to manipulate me)

C what mother wrote
T I decide what I make her words mean
F self-conscious, strong
A read her words without outrage, share my point of view without outrage
R trust in me that I’m in charge of how I think and feel, trust in her that she does the same for herself

Do these models make sense? I still feel outrage when she sends a new message. I try my intentional thought as a mantra before I read her words and it seems to reduce drama at least. Any suggestions what I can do to improve this?

Thank you!