Pricing a program – EV

Hey Brooke,

I’m curious about what you priced your 6 week stop over eating program?

Was that a 1:1 or just a group? Or both.

I’m in the process of creating a 6 week weight loss program.

I’m going to do everything I can to put in a lot of value and heart into it.

I was working with a mentor who does coaching and told me that $100 for the 1:1 program was a pretty good price point.

But I feel like that’s too low.

I know I have to market it so it really hits pain points and it’s presented as a solution to their very specific problem.

But from what I’ve learned about marketing and a lot of coaches who are successful. Their prices are not that low. I know I’m just starting out as a coach and that could work for a beta test type of offer.

So I’ve been playing around with prices . And as an intro price, I felt $249-$297 was good.

I feel good about that and like I can truly give people a lot of value. But I have. A lot of doubt still since I’ve seen weight loss programs cost at or lesser price.

So since you did a weight loss program, curious about your pricing and how you decided upon it.

Thanks Brooke