Proactive model on urges – in circumstance and feeling lines

Dear Brooke,
The other day I listened to one of your calls and pulled out a wonderful nugget that I’d like to explore a little further with your help. You mentioned doing 2 models and putting the urge in the circumstance line on one and the feeling line on the other. I’ve begun 2 below, and they are incomplete. Could you help me fill them in? I’m mainly interested in having these as my “go to” models for when the situation arises (urge for chocolate cake, glass of wine, or any other off-protocol item). I think there could be several variations of these. I feel like if I have a few outlined proactively, I can use them to go to when I’m in a moment of need 🙂 Hoping others could also find them useful.
Thank you!

C urge for chocolate cake (or other off P item)
T varies – it’s a special occasion, that looks delicious, I’m bored/restless etc.
F desire, restless
A remind myself – that’s just a dopamine craving and an ingrained habit (or should this be similar to the below model?)

C (varies)
T (varies – I am bored, restless, uncomfortable, upset)
F urge for chocolate cake
A “feel” the urge – pause, ask myself – What am I trying to avoid by buffering with cake?