I processed your response to my PSD question and integrated some of the great ideas from the previous call.

Hi Brooke
I love you. Your last call really has helped me. You go light and deep at the same time.
I am going the next level on the PTSD question. I have CTFAR’s below. But the big drumroll is that I can decide that my panic and shame attacks are normal and that I am normal. I can just decide I am a normal person having a normal panic and shame attack. “no big deal”.

C-panic & shame attacks
T-there is something terribly wrong with me. I am flawed. I have to fix myself so that I don’t humiliate myself.
F- panic, shame, curiosity
A- spend a lot of time reading self help books, therapy, fixing self
R- very knowledgeable about many self help techniques but disappointed somewhat in myself for not taking action in my life more often

C-panic & shame attacks
T-this is happening because I was abused as a child.
F- hopeless because I cannot change what happened and I don’t know how to help myself.
A- eat
R- overweight and under engaged in living

C-Fathers actions to 4 yr old
T- my fathers behavior means nothing about me. I am and always have been 100% valuable. I am 100% whole and always have been. I am an adult with perspective. I have all the power now. I create my life with my thoughts.
A- self empowerment
R- great things will happen because there is less mental/emotional interference

C- panic & shame attacks
T- There is nothing wrong with me, I am normal, and for all I know, this could be triggered by the weather, I’ll breathe into it and keep on trucking [I am a normal human being having a normal panic and shame attack] 🙂
F- breathe, tolerate, accept, move on, as any normal person would
A- live life according to intentions and goals
R- a life well lived according to intentions and goals

I do not have to reference anything to my childhood anymore. I can deal with everything as it comes without giving it meaning. I so appreciate your statement “welcome to the human condition”- this perspective helps a lot