Procrastination. Not my normal.

The items to do at my desk for our business financials, personal financials and my mother’s financials seem to be a procrastination point for me. They should only take about 5 hours a week total to do if I did that. But it’s been months that I have only done the bare minimum on them. I have tried scheduling them out in detail and also tried scheduling them in categorical chunks of time. One of the main things to do is to recreate my QB’s for 2020 as last I worked on them there was a couple of major recording errors. If I don’t recreate these files I will have to sort it out when I do my 2020 taxes.
Procrastination is not my normal. I usually am proactive, scheduled and a “just get it done” and move on project oriented person.

C: Accounting, filing and paperwork for 5 entities
T: It’s such a mess
F: overwhelmed
A: complete projects around the house, see a friend, help someone else with their emergent issue
R: pile grows

C: Accounting, filing and paperwork for 5 entities
T: Why do I have to do this
F: burdened
A: sort through and do only those things that have deadlines (invoices and payments)
R: get by but not caught up

C: Accounting, filing and paperwork for 5 entities
T: I should not have made the mistakes and gotten so far behind
F: inadequate
A: buffer with projects that I can complete
R: No progress on accounting

I could create an intentional model but it seems like such a leap from my months of procrastination block. Today I’m buffering with sitting at my desk writing this and shopping because I don’t have a big enough block of time to sort it all out. All though it does feel a little better to have modeled it.

Can you please help with an intentional model that I could use to step forward. I really want to get it done in the next two weeks before my beach vacation. I certainly don’t want it to be here when I get back.