Productivity and Competence, I think I might be catching on

I think this will be my last comment on this particular event, when I mapped out time to complete a task and found that the task simply took longer than expected. It was my first time doing this task so I didn’t know. Although I stopped at my hard stop, the job was not done to the level that I had imagined.
Rather than thinking about this as a focus/productivity problem, I’m thinking it was a bad planning problem. When I look back and autopsy what went wrong, I see that 1. I didn’t have the supplies on hand, nor did I know where to get them, and 2. I didn’t have any help. I think that knowing this will help me plan better in the future.
What do you think? Would this be an SCS way of looking at it?
I think this also goes along with what you say about B- work. Setting the time limit forces us perfectionists to simply stop.