Productivity love it. Already feel like Purpose focus produced so much productivity, but happy to continue. & ?

Productivity – hmm. I have produced so much as a result of August theme, Purpose. Thank you! PYSB Board Meeting, PYSB History & Organizational next steps, LA Talk Show Interview, added two new yoga classes at the jail, recruited & trained teachers to do pilot projects, sent proposal to jail to fund yoga program, sent out a PYSB Newsletter highlighting 5 years – five hundred classes to over 1500 inmates.

So have set goal to raise 10K by December. Did Dares x 3 which resulted in a venue, free wine & food paid for … need to do invite list & come up w/ program, so wondering what a good 30 day goal … Working model backwards

C: Goal to raise 10K for PYSB by 12/31
T: I got this!
F: determined, focused
A: create guest list for cocktail fundraising party, call past donors to extend invitation, send out invitation, design program, invite friends who are helping to lunch to brainstorm, follow up w/ board members …, meet w/ board members 10/2 for check in … & do year end ask
R: 10K by 12/31 or sooner …

Moana, puppy is doing great