Model query – grumpy and hungry when I get home from work every day – regardless of how my day has gone!

Hi Brooke, I’m still fairly new and working on the model but I’ve realised I’ve never shared a model on here so I intend to get more feedback through here on some if the tis ok. Just to make sure i’m on the right track.

So, here is the issue I’ve tried to work through and model. Each day (pretty consistently) when I get home I notice myself feeling grumpy. I’ve tried to tap into my thoughts but i’m not sure i’m there yet. I feel anxious and restless when I get home and always hungry. I’ve stopped having an afternoon snack at 4pm (which I introduced to try and present this but found it was spoiling my dinner) but also trying to break the habit of just mindless eating and picking at food / dinner before it is ready as that doesn’t give me the results I want. So, here are my models. Interesting last night I got home a bit later and the hunger had passed a little bit but I still had that uncomfortable, restless feeling and had to force myself to be open and chatty with my husband. I wanted to go and lie down and not talk to anyone until dinner was ready! I didn’t and I did force myself (not a good word I know but it felt a bit forced) to engage and be a nicer person to be around!

Anyway, here it is:

C – Get home from work
T – I am grumpy and tired I need to eat to feel better.
F – Anxious and restless.
A – Start eating OR quite, not talkative and try not to take my mood out on the family.
R – Eat off protocol AND i’m not a nice person to be around. Food isn’t the answer after all! Disappointed with myself.

c – Get home from work.
T – I am glad to be home. I can relax now. Love those around me. I have missed them.
F – Calm, relaxed, playful.
A -I enjoy the time when I get home and relax with the kids and Mark. I’ve been waiting for this all day.
R – No snacking. Better mood. Enjoy time wth the family.