Protocol and Compassion

I’m curious where self compassion comes into the food protocol.

Brooke’s mentality seems to be you make a food plan, and you stick to it. Period.

Part of me loves this. But part of me feels it’s lacking in self-compassion.

The protocol and food plan honestly isn’t working for me, and neither is daily weighing myself. I get that it’s my thoughts, but what the hell, sometimes I can’t control my thoughts. I am going to spend my entire life trying to get over the impact the scale has on me if I keep going this route. I don’t think it’s healthy for me to be weighing myself everyday, I just don’t. I really WANT to believe in it, but I can’t.

I guess, for example, if you take a heroin addict and tell them not to use heroin. They’re going to struggle to stop using heroin. So what do you do? Just keep struggling to stop using heroin until your adult mind finally overcomes your primal reptile brain? Isn’t it possible that something else is just going on here?

Trust me, I don’t want to make this more complicated. I REALLY want it to be as easy as Brooke is saying. But I feel like it’s making me miserable and even more obsessed with food.