Protocol Changes during Initial Phase of No Flour or Added Sugar

April was my retrenching month for Stop Overeating and my 100th start on April 21st is holding. To say it has been easy is an understatement. I understand that I had to thrash around for 48 days, months, years to figure it out. It took as long as it took and now it feels like no willpower is needed. This is my current protocol:

Breakfast: Fruit with nut butter
Lunch: Protein, veggies, and fat
Dinner: Protein, veggies, and fat

While I haven’t been strict on snacking, I haven’t needed to and the 12-hour fasting window from evening to morning is naturally occurring as my system calms down.

My question is, do I adjust this protocol if weight loss stops or just wait out the six weeks to complete the initial detox, start IF (with an eight-hour window), and then adjust my protocol if needed?