Protocol Help (Diane)

My weight loss has slowed down to almost nothing some weeks. Does the body just get used to the strict pattern and down-regulate? I am strict on my protocol but weight loss has slowed way way down. I have lost 21 lb. since August 8 but need to lose 100 lbs total, and have a goal of Jan 1, 2018.
Here’s what I am doing:
two meals only (noon and dinner 3 hours before bedtime)
no snacking
my protocol: (although I don’t eat them all at every meal): all veggies, meat, fat, cheese, beans, eggs, homemade salad dressing made from olive oil, vinegar, garlic, herbs
ending meals with fruit (1/2 peach or some grapes) and nuts
eating until well satisfied (am I getting too full and undermining my weight loss?)
Only done a few joy eats in the past two months, because I am just not that interested in it, and want to move forward on my weight loss
I am not tempted to eat off protocol…doesn’t really matter to me anymore. I enjoy my garden and orchard food so much more now. I really want my weight off! Headed from 240 lb. down to 140…I am 5 foot 4″.
I did a longer fast one day, skipping both breakfast and lunch, hoping to mix things up. I think at dinner, I just made up for lunch…so not sure that helped much.
Advice? Thanks!