Protocol and Urge Jar

I’ve been getting better at following my protocol and have switched over to the planning my foods 24 hours in advance instead of the morning of. My question is as I’m getting better at following my protocol and get put in situations where other foods are presented, I find myself confused as to whether I’m just following my protocol or resisting or allowing the urge.

EX: We went to a meeting/get-together last night and I assumed there might be food and drink. I planned for water. I ate supper before we went so the spread of food in front of me wasn’t really tempting. I looked at a few things and thought the old me would have dove in. I thought those pretzel bites and caramel bars look delicious, but that is as far as it went. I KNEW I wanted to stay on protocol so it just wasn’t an option. Do you consider any of this an urge? Was I resisting?