The proudest moment in my career – CE

Hi Brooke,

I have an interview with an online publication about me and my business. They have emailed me the questions for the article and the question I’m completely struggling with is: What is the proudest moment of your career so far?

I’m in my 6th year of business and intellectually, I can see that we’ve (my biz partner and I) have been successful. We grow year over year by about 20%. LY we broke over 200k. I feel almost nothing. Indifferent. Apathy. Like, that number isn’t even close to “good.” Certainly not proud. I’ve done a few thought downloads about it and and my general thoughts are:

– I’ve “phoned it in” for most of my business – never been intentional about what I want, the service I provide, etc.
– The first client to pay us (I think it was $400) was, in many ways, most significant. After that, it just became normal (even when our prices raised much higher)
– I never “stop to smell the roses” in the years past. I very rarely celebrated new client acquisition, just immediately go from sales pitch >contract > start working > act stressed out > repeat!
– I’m bummed (sad, upset) that in 30 minutes I can’t happily come up with a proudest moment. Not at all.

Of course, I can come up with a boilerplate response to get me through the interview but this is just eye opening! The questions I’m struggling with are… Why can’t I answer this question easily? Is it because I haven’t been intentional about my business until now (since SCS) or because of something else? Is it because I’m terrible at really giving myself credit for doing amazing work or because the work I do isn’t really amazing?!

I know that many of these questions you can’t answer for me. But, perhaps you can point me in a direction to sort this out.

Thank you!