Overcoming beliefs of inadequacy

I am so happy that I found this program. I swear I’m always being blown away and thinking OMGSH this lady gets me!! 😉

Last night I listened to podcast #199 and was like THAT IS SO ME!! I really want a photography business and a large part of that type of business is marketing yourself on social media. I have been doing everything but that. It occurred to me last night that I am not afraid of failing at starting the business (mainly because my husband is the provider in our family and I don’t “have” to work). I am actually afraid of people seeing me fail.
As I listened further I realized that being afraid of other people’s opinions was not the root of the problem; it is my feelings of inadequacy that are holding me back. I struggle with thoughts like: you’re not creative enough, you don’t have a good enough personality, you’re not a good writer so you can’t come up with cute enough things to say on social media, you’re too old, etc. I haven’t completed my website because I can’t come up with something to say in the about me page. Basically there is an underlying belief that I just don’t measure up and probably won’t ever. I do want to point out that this program has greatly improved my quality of life. I am happy with many of the results, but this particular issue is one that I haven’t been able to get a handle on. I can’t seem to get myself to believe that I am good enough. Even if I do thought models on it, I don’t believe it. It feels like I’m saying to myself “the sky is brown” and I’m thinking “I hear you, but it’s not true.” How do I get to a point where I will increase my self esteem and BELIEVE it when I shift my thinking to things like: I am creative enough, I am good with people, I am capable of writing interesting comments, age has nothing to do with being a photographer, etc.
Thank you,