Providing Value

Hi coaches!

I’m putting together a workshop for people at work. I want it to be insightful and have them walk away believing that it was valuable and worth their time to attend. However, I know that I am up in their model, and that the workshop is just a neutral C in their model. But, I know in all of our work, the reason why we do it is because we want to bring value to others. The way I’m seeing this is the “value” of the workshop is coming from their T, which I have no control over. So, if I’m trying to do work that adds value for them, but what I do is always neutral for them anyways… then it seems like a catch 22.

I see that this thought is not serving me because it makes me feel like there’s nothing I can do to ensure they get the value they need from the workshop. I do know that people get value from the work other people produce (why we are here, right!). So how can I think about this differently because my current thoughts are preventing me from believing I have any power to create value for people because I can never be in their T.

Can you please provide guidance on this?

Thanks so much!