Proving myself wrong

Hi, I see my brain often has the tendency of reacting to negative beliefs by trying to quickly prove them wrong.
For instance “I am weak” -> I go and exercise or “I don’t have the courage to talk to a stranger” -> look around for opportunities to interact with someone. So I am doing these actions from a place of scarcity and I feel hurried to prove me wrong to get relief from the feeling these believe produce.
How to move past this scheme? Would you say the problem is inherent in a strategy like “proving my beliefs wrong” or it is about the way I implement it, so from scarcity and hurry?
I guess “proving my beliefs wrong” is still the approach by which we create evidence to support new beliefs. So is the problem that I am embarking into these challenges without believing before, like as if I was trying to jump too high on the ladder scale? And so would you recommend me to be honest and aware of the step I am at, and moving “upstairs” by practicing new thoughts before setting up challenges? Thanks