Pulled in different directions (ie. decision making and purpose conflicts)

Hello there, LCS Coach. I have been in scholars since July and last year I was introduced to life coaching when I was really struggling with being a new mom and ended up finding a Life Coach that really helped me through a 6 month fog of my life.

My question is around considering taking the Life Coach School certification program.

My purpose in life is “To create and to connect” and it is a purpose that lights me up but I have only come to identify recently.

I feel like I have lived most of my life aimlessly, taking whatever comes my way and doing a good job at whatever that is (University, jobs, life). But I feel constantly pulled in different directions and have a hard time making decisions because I get so attracted by the latest and best idea.

Writing is one of my greatest passions but a newer skill that I am still developing. I work as a reporter part time and have been flirting with several novel ideas over the past year that I have yet to start. But over the past month I have been preoccupied with the idea of becoming a certified life coach.

The expense would be substantial for our family and while I see the value and the potential of where I could take it, I am wondering if the energy I am putting into considering the program is really just buffering and taking away from my creative writing projects and what I feel is a strong purpose of mine. I have always struggled with finding purpose and am easily open to other people’s suggestions and ideas about me and I am concerned that that’s what’s happening again here with the LCS certification program.

Sorry for the long windedness, this is turning more into a journalling session apparently.

I suppose my question is this: If I’ve identified my purpose as being “to create and connect” am I complicating my life by having 2 purposes? How can I tease out what’s going on here?