My purpose and a thought model

OK so it is day 3 and I think I know what I am supposed to do. I read the first 32 pages of the August book how to live your purpose and I have come up with a good purpose for me.
It is……

To live my life in a way that lifts other women up.

In order to accomplish this I need to
Take good care of myself by eating healthy, practicing yoga and not buffering.
Teach free yoga to women that would not otherwise spend money to go to a yoga studio.
Be a good example of a positive parent and sound family.
Be secure in myself, have emotional maturity etc
Well that is a start

So day 1 into living my purpose I come upon a stressful situation. A single mom in my suburb who has trouble managing her life has been having trouble parenting her teen age son. Long story short
She is at my beloved next door neighbors door with the police trying to find her son who she previously fought with and is blaming my friend and neighbor.

So what do i do?

Unintentional thought model
C- Angry woman- emotional mess at my neighbors door
T- She is crazy and out of control
F- Anger, need to stop her
A- Lash out at women i do not even know personally
R- I behave just as crazy and out of control as said crazy lady
Not living life purpose, instead of lifting her up, supporting her,
showing empathy, I act out of reaction and tear her down.

Feel like total crap- wonder why i cannot control my anger

Intentional thought model
C- angry woman/ emotional mess
T- she is struggling, single mom, needs support
F- Empathy and love
A- supportive and productive
R- lift up woman possibly influence more positive parenting.

How am i doing?