When is pushing through actually ignoring the situation? (Auto-immune)

Hello Brooke,
I am excited to be here in this group and I have two questions. First, I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and have been in the world of struggle for the past year. In the past I have been experiencing most of the symptoms like fatigue and pain but I would just power through them and ignore that they were happening to get my stuff done. What would end up happening was I would feel worse and would have a day or two that I could not move or function because I did not pay attention to my body. I have seen a few of your responses to people in here about autoimmune disorders and I totally get how I can give more power to the fatigue and pain by talking about it or paying attention to it. But at the same time, when is it actually ignoring the situation and making things worse?
My second question is about feeling. I have gotten so used to not feeling my feelings because this perpetuates my stories and so I am struggling (for lack of a better word) with feeling my feelings without giving power to them and thinking about the current situation. And, I am really bad at telling my family and friends what is going on with me because I do not want to be that person who is “trying to get attention” (there is a thought!) so instead I just do not tell them what is happening with me or how I am feeling. Sometimes I think it is because I have ignored my feelings so much that I am really not sure what I am truly feeling. Any input would be so helpful.