Break-up Model

Thank you very much for your quick response with very valuable advice. I created unintentional and intentional models:
C – my boyfriend broke-up with me
T- I know it will be hard, I will feel miserable, it will take a long time to move on
F – sad, devastated, hopeless, crushed
A – de-motivated, not feeling like doing anything
R – detached from the world, feeling numb

C – same
T – this may be a good thing. I can use this as an opportunity to rediscover myself and figure out what do I really want
F – relieved
A – start doing work on myself and my dreams
R – feel (?) hopeful (this is a feeling though…is not an “F”)?

Can you see if there are any flaws in my model? Also, can we just force ourselves to think a thought even though we may yet not believe in it?

Thank you!